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Table 6 Potential miRNA targets of the axon guidance pathway

From: MicroRNA targets in Drosophila

Gene name Gene identifier MiRNA
Abl CG4032* miR-318
Beat-Ia CG4846 miR-263b
Dock CG3727 miR-33
Drl-2 CG3915 miR-274, miR-275 miR-304
Eph CG1511 miR-282, miR-283, miR-306
Lar CG10443 let-7
NetA CG18657* miR-275, miR-288, miR-14
NetB CG10521 miR-31b
Ptp99A CG2005 miR-8
Robo CG13521* miR-282, miR-284, miR-307, miR-133
Sema-1a CG18405* miR-iab-4-5p
Sema-1b CG6446* miR-184
Sema-2a CG4700* miR-4
sli CG8355 miR-33
Spen CG18497 let-7
Trio CG18214 miR-184
  1. *,†Target gene based on the top 20 and top 30 hits of each miRNA, respectively; all others based on top 10 hits. Target site also conserved in A. gambiae.