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Figure 2

From: A method to assess compositional bias in biological sequences and its application to prion-like glutamine/asparagine-rich domains in eukaryotic proteomes

Figure 2

Each proteome has a characteristic distribution of biases. The proportion of bias residues (y-axis) counted up for each of the following seven residues (S, Q, N, L, I, D, C) are shown as a function of the bias probability (x-axis). The x-axis comprises bins labeled with -log(P) such that all regions with probabilities from -log(P) to 3.0 -log(P) are included. The end (right-most) bin includes all regions with log probability greater than -log(P). From left to right, the first set of panels is for budding yeast, the second set for fission yeast, the third set for fruit fly and the fourth for human. The rows of panels are labeled at the far right with the appropriate one-letter amino-acid symbol (S, Q, N, L, I, D and C).

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