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Table 2 Reference mitochondrial Cytochrome-b and 16S RNA gene sequences used in the phylogenetic analysis

From: Ancient origin and evolution of the Indian wolf: evidence from mitochondrial DNA typing of wolves from Trans-Himalayan region and Pennisular India

  Species Common name Continent / Country EMBL Acc.No. Reference
  Partial Cytochrome-b gene reference sequences
1 C. lupus lupus Gray wolf Holarctic AF028141 [8]
2 C. simensis Ethiopian wolf Africa AF028144 [8]
3 C. familiaris Dog   U12829 [41]
4 Cuon alpinus Dhole Asia AF028137 [8]
5 Arelocynus microtis Small eared dog Asia (Japan) AF028135 [8]
6 C. aureus Golden jackal Old world AF028138 [8]
7 C. mesomelas elongae Black-backed jackal Eastern Africa AF028142 [8]
8 C. adustus Side-striped jackal Eastern Africa AF028136 [8]
9 C. latrans Coyote North America AF028140 [8]
10 Pseudalopex sechurae Desert fox NW S. America AF028154 [8]
Complete Cytochrome-b gene reference sequences  
1 C. familiaris Dog ?   [38]
2 Vulpes vulpes Fox ?   [38]
  16S rDNA reference sequence
1 C. familiaris   Asia (Japan) AB048590