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Table 3 Expression pattern of genes that differ in age- and sex-matched peripheral retinal libraries

From: MicroSAGE is highly representative and reproducible but reveals major differences in gene expression among samples obtained from similar tissues

Tags that differ at p ≤ 0.005 Tags higher in 41-year-old Tags higher in 44-year-old
Total 40 33
Known ganglion cell-enriched 0 1
Known rod-enriched 8 8
Higher in periphery 4 6
Higher in fovea 1 3
  1. The table shows a breakdown of cell specificity (where known) of genes corresponding to all SAGE tags that differ at p ≤ 0.005 between the peripheral retina libraries from 44-year-old and 41-year-old individuals. In cases where cell specificity of the gene matching the tag is not known, the fact that the tag is enriched in peripheral retina or fovea (at p ≤ 0.005) is shown, based on previously published data [45].