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Table 4 Orthologous mouse and human candidates

From: Computational discovery of sense-antisense transcription in the human and mouse genomes

Human candidate Mouse candidate Sense gene Antisense gene or homolog
Hs.250697 Mm.826 TC10 PIGF
Hs.211601 Mm.4358 MAP3K12 No protein match
Hs.2210 Mm.10167 FLJ22865 TRIP3
Hs.296776 Mm.20848 RFXANK LOC126382
Hs.170263 Mm.25231 TP53BP1 No protein match
Hs.330310 Mm.176845 KIAA0632 G10
Hs.343244 Mm.10698 AP1G2 No protein match
  1. Seven pairs of mouse and human candidate UniGene clusters that contain clear orthologs are listed. In the first six, the location, coding potential/identity, and pattern of overlap of the sense and antisense RNA species are consistent between the mouse and human candidates. Thus, in the first example, a sub-region of the terminal exon of Ras-like protein overlaps the full terminal exon of a class F phosphatidylinositol glycan (Hs.250697 and Mm.826). In the second example, the 3' UTR of MAPKKK12 is overlapped by a transcript with no protein homologies in both mouse and human; moreover, this non-coding region of overlap is highly conserved at nucleotide level between mouse and human (Hs.211601 and Mm.4358).