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Figure 2

From: Full-length messenger RNA sequences greatly improve genome annotation

Figure 2

Alternative splice variants discovered by cDNA alignments. Red bars indicate the protein-coding portion of each exon. Black bars indicate noncoding exons and the UTR portions of the initial and terminal exons. Exon boundaries that line up exactly between two or more cDNAs are highlighted in blue. Thin lines connecting the exons represent introns. The genes involved are: (a) auxin-regulated protein, At2g20820, chromosome (chr) 2; (b) SKP1-interacting partner 5 (SKIP5), At3g54480, chr 3; (c) acidic ribosomal protein, At1g01100, chr 1; (d) auxin-regulated protein, At5g53860, chr 5; (e) unknown expressed protein, At2g45740, chr 2.

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