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Table 2 Transitive annotation-based scale (TABS): a qualitative distance scale for the assessment of annotation reproducibility in genome projects

From: The past, present and future of genome-wide re-annotation

Score Description Comment
7 False positive Original annotation predicts function without any supporting evidence
6 Over-prediction Original annotation predicts a specific biochemical function without sufficient supporting evidence
5 Domain error Original annotation overlooks different domain structure of query and reference proteins
4 False negative Original annotation does not provide predicted function although there is sufficient evidence to characterize the query protein
3 Under-prediction Original annotation predicts a nonspecific biochemical function although a more detailed prediction could have been made
2 Undefined source Original annotation contains undefined terms, non-homology based predictions, and so on
1 Typographical error Original annotation contains typographical errors that may be propagated in the database
0 Total agreement Original annotation is correct, but annotations may be only semantically (but not computationally) identical
  1. Column names and explanations: Score, the score between two assignments; Description, a description of the potential disagreement between two projects; Comment, explanatory comments for ranking/scores. We consider scores of 0-3 as relatively benign compared to scores of 4-7, as the latter have a much more significant impact on genome sequence and database quality.