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Table 2 The BXN map of the mouse genome*

From: The genetic structure of recombinant inbred mice: High-resolution consensus maps for complex trait analysis

figure a
  1. *The full table 2 is available online at in several formats (graphic, text, and Map Manager QTX). Column definitions from left to right: Chr: chromosome assignment based on BXN data set. Our assignments differ in a number of cases from those of the Chromosome Committees Reports. Locus: an abbreviated version of the locus symbol. To improve legibility we have truncated D1MitNN to D1M NN. CCR cM: the position of the locus given in the most recent chromosome committee reports (2000 or 2001), MIT: the position of the locus given in databases at the Whitehead Institute, BXN: The position computed from the current RI data set adjusted for map expansion, UTM: whole genome position in morgans with a 5 cM buffer (0.05 M) between chromosomes. This UTM column can be used to construct whole-genome LOD score plots. Opening the GIF version of this file in Photoshop requires approximately 100 MB of RAM.