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Table 1 The 39 groups of orthologous C2H2 ZNF genes defined by our analyses

From: Identification of conserved C2H2 zinc-finger gene families in the Bilateria

Gene family Human Drosophila C. elegans
1 Sp Sp1 (SP:P08047) Btd (CT35305; SPTR:Q24266) T22C8.5 (SPTR:Q22678)
  Sp2 (SP:Q02086) DSp1 (CT2914; SPTR:Q9U1K4) Y40B1A.4 (SPTR:Q9XW26)
  Sp3 (SP:Q02447)   
  Sp4 (SP:Q02446)   
2 Zic Zic1 (SP:Q15915) Opa (CT1819; SPTR:P39768) C47C12.3 (SPTR:Q94178)
  Zic2 (SP:O95409)   
  Zic3 (SP:O60481)   
3 Ovo Ovol1 (SP:O14753) Ovo (CT21113, CT36311; SPTR:P51521) F34D10.5 (SPTR:Q19996)
4 Snail Slug (SP:O43623) Snail (CT13146; SPTR:P08044) C55C2.1 (SPTR:O01830)
  Snai1 (SP:O95863) Escargot (CT12561; SPTR:P25932) F43G9.11 (SPTR:Q93721)
  SnaiP1 (Snai1 pseudogene) Worniu (CT13175; SPTR:Q9NK88)  
   Scratch (CT1817; SPTR:Q24140)  
   CT33426 (SPTR:Q9W0P9)  
   CT34835 (SPTR:Q9VZK3)  
5 Gli Gli/Gli1 (SP:P08151) Ci (CT6641; SPTR:P19538) Tra-1 (Y47D3A.6; SPTR:Q9U2C0)
  Gli2 (SP:P10070)   
  Gli3 (SP:P10071)   
6 Egr/Krox Egr1/Krox-24 (SP:P18146) Stripe (CT23724; SPTR:Q24163) C27C12.2 (SPTR:Q18250)
  Egr2/Krox-20 (SP:P11161)   Y55F3AM.7 (SPTR:Q9N374)
  Egr3 (SP:Q06889)   
  Egr4 (SP:Q05215)   
  LKLF (SPTR:Q9UKR6) CT27882 (SPTR:Q9W1W2) F53F8.1 (SPTR:O62259)
  UKLF (SP:O75840) CT14096 (SPTR:Q9VPQ5) mua1/F54H5.4 (SPTR: P91329)
  BKLF (SP:P57682) CT9920 (SPTR:O77251)  
  EKLF (SP:Q13351)   
  ZNF741 (SPTR:O95600)   
  NSLP1 (SPTR:Q9Y356)   
  BTEB1 (SP:Q13886)   
  ZF9/CPBP (SP:Q99612)   
  BTEB2/CKLF (SP:Q13887)   
  AP-2REP (SPTR:Q9UHZ0)   
  TIEG1 (SP:Q13118)   
  TIEG2 (SP:O14901)   
8 Zfh-1 SPTR:O60315 Zfh-1 (CT2773; SPTR:P28166) F28F9.1 (SPTR:Q94196)
  NIL-2-A (SP:P37275)   
9 Zfh-2 ATBF1 (SPTR:Q13719) Zfh-2 (CT3397; SPTR:P28167) ZC123.3 (SPTR:O45019)
10 Odd-like EM:AI126171 Odd (CT12867; SPTR:P23803) YKC4 (B0280.4; SPTR:P41995)
   Sob (CT10899; SPTR:Q24571) C34H3.2 (SPTR:Q9N5X6)
   Bowl (CT9648, CT37221;  
   CT40018, SPTR: Q9VQU9)  
11 Spalt HSAL1 (SPTR:Q99881) Spalt-major (CT20082; SPTR:P39770) SEM-4 (SPTR:Q17396)
  HSAL2 (SPTR:Q9Y467) Spalt-related (CT15643; SPTR:Q24163)  
  SALL3 (SPTR:Q9UGH1)   
12 Disco Basonuclin (SPTR:Q01954) Disco (CT27904; SPTR:P23792) F55C5 (SPTR: Q20815)
  SPTR:Q9NXV0 CT26340 (SPTR:Q9VXJ5)  
13 GFI GFI-1, GFI-1B (SPTR:Q99684) CT31381 (SPTR:Q9VM77) F45B8.4 (SPTR:O02265)
14 YY1 TYY1 (SPTR:P25490) Pho (CT39329; SPTR:O76247)  
  SPTR:O15391 CT11601 (SPTR:Q9VSZ3)  
15 BLIMP-1 BLIMP-1 (SPTR:O95914) CT16759 (SPTR:Q9VRN4) F25D7.3 (SPTR:Q93560)
16 Zep Zep1 (SP:P15822) Schnurri (CT23537; PIR:A56922) T05A10.1 (SPTR:Q22190)
  Zep2 (SP:P31629)   
  KBP-1 (SPTR:Q99302)   
17 IA-1* IA-1 (SP:Q01101) CT31935 (SPTR:Q9VH29) K11G9.4 (SPTR:Q23011)
   Nerfin-1 (CT33443; SPTR:Q9V3B8)  
18 Evi-1* Evi-1 SP:Q03112) CT29074 (SPTR:Q9VJ55) R53.3 (A and B) (SPTR:Q22024)
   CT29650 (SPTR:Q9VJ52)  
19 SAP61 SAP 61 (SPTR:Q12874) Noisette (CT7078; SPTR:O46106) T13H5.4 (SPTR:Q22469)
20 SP62* SP62 (SP:Q15428) CT30142 (SPTR:Q9VU15) F11A10.2 (SPTR:Q19335)
21 Kin-17 KIN-17 (SPTR: O60870) Kin-17 (CT17834; SPTR:O76926) Y52B11A.9 (SPTR:Q9XWF2)
22 Hindsight FinB (SPTR:Q9Y474) Hindsight  
  RREB-1 (SP:Q92766) (CT11247; PIR:T13594)  
23 MTF MTF-1 (SPTR:Q14872) CT12477 (SPTR:Q9NFS1)  
24 ZNF207* ZNF207 (SP:O43670) CT39886 (SPTR:Q9VJI6) B0035.1 (SPTR:Q93156)
25 ZNF277* ZNF277 (SP:Q9NRM2) CT27874 (SPTR:Q9W1V7) F46B6.7 (SPTR:Q20448)
26 Fez SPTR:Q9NWB9 CT22557 (SPTR:Q9VQ56) Y38H8A.5 (SPTR:O62425)
27 OAZ* OAZ (SPTR:Q9NZ13) CT33481 (SPTR:Q9V724)  
28 Zfam 1* HSPC038 (SPTR:Q9Y5V0) CT35941 (SPTR:Q9VUU8) C01F6.9 (SPTR:O62023)
   CT40578 (SPTR:Q9VUU7)  
29 Zfam 2* SPTR:Q9NWA7 CT27270 (SPTR:Q9W3S1) F13H6.1 (SPTR:O16350)
30 Zfam 3* SPTR:Q9NTN4 CT15069 (SPTR:Q9VCS3)  
31 Zfam 4* EM:AI907237 CT17352 (SPTR:Q9U9A8) Lin29 (SPTR:Q9N6B5)
32 Zfam 5* EM:Z64553 CT21013 (SPTR:Q9VX08) C16A3.4 (SPTR:Q18036)
33 Zfam 6* Ptg-12 (EM:X97303) CT36542 (SPTR:Q9VZF0) ZK686.4 (SP:P34670)
34 Zfam 7* EM:AC005606 CT31867 (SPTR:Q9W149)  
35 Zfam 8* EM:AK000711 CT4004 (SPTR:Q9V9Z6)  
36 Zfam 9* EM:HS626B19 CT32584 (SPTR:Q9VRV0)  
37 Zfam 10* Br140/BRPF1 (SP:P55201) CT5659 (SPTR:Q9V4J4)  
  Br140-like (SP:O95696)   
38 Zfam 11* EM:AI077328 CT32574 (SPTR:Q9VRQ6)  
39 Zfam 12* HPCMF (SPTR:Q9P0J7) CT32121 (SPTR:Q9VHI5)  
  1. *Families we believe not to have been defined previously. Human genes are identified by gene name and, where names have not yet been given, by database accession number. Drosophila sequences are identified by gene name and corresponding Gadfly protein symbol in brackets [14], or just by symbol where no name has been ascribed. C. elegans sequences are identified by name where possible and by coding sequence identifier [15]. All sequences are also identified by accession number: where possible these are SWISSPROT TREMBL accession numbers (designated SPTR). In a few cases only SWISSPROT accession numbers (designated SP) could be identified. For a minority of human genes no protein database entries have been made. These derive from EST or genomic sequences and the corresponding EMBL nucleotide database accession number (designated EM) is given.