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Table 2 Human Na+/HCO3- cotransporter and cotransporter-like genes

From: A novel sodium bicarbonate cotransporter-like gene in an ancient duplicated region: SLC4A9at 5q31

Gene name (and common aliases) Longest coding mRNA sequence (in nucleotides) (with GenBank accession number) Genomic sequence (GenBank accession number) Chromosomal location Number of known ESTs* Tissues/organs/cell types where expression is shown by ESTs nad/or northern blots (order: normal tissues; tumors; fetal tissues) mRNA isoforms due to alternative splicing and/or alternative polyadenylation Reference
SLC4A4 (SLC4A5, HNBC1) 7586 nt NM_003759.1 AC019089.3 4q21 109 Kidney, pancreas (northern, ESTs); brain, liver, prostate, colon, stomach, thyroid, spinal cord; fetal lung, fetal testis (ESTs); no tumor ESTs 6 [6]
SLC4A6 (SLC4A7, HNBC2) 7785 nt AF047033.1 AC025392.2, AC024936.3 3p22 34 Adult heart (northern), skeletal muscle (northern, ESTs); retina, neuronal precursors, neurons, stomach, colon, uterus, testis, brain, trabecular bone; Gessler-Wilms tumor, liposarcoma, HeLa cells; various fetal tissues (ESTs) 4 [2]
SLC4A8 (HNBC3, KIAA0739) 4079 nt AB018282.1 AC025097.9, AC027750.3, AC021343.1 12q13 13 Brain (northern, ESTs), skeletal muscle, kidney, thyroid, spinal cord, trachea, adrenal gland (northern), testis (ESTs); germ-cell tumors (ESTs); weak expression in many other organs and various fetal tissues (ESTs) 4 [9]
SLC4A9 > 3258 nt(submission in progress) AC008438.1 5q31 11 Kidney (northern, ESTs); testis (single EST), fetal brain (long-insert cDNA); no tumor ESTs 14 This paper
NBC4 6082 nt AF207661 AC005041, AC006030.2, AC073263 2p11.2 16 Brain, heart, liver, lung, placenta, spleen, stomach (northern); colon, kidney, testis (northern, ESTs); pancreas, uterus, germinal center B cells (ESTs); germ-cell tumors, mantle cell lymphoma, adenocarcinoma; weak expression in other organs (northern) and various fetal tissues (ESTs) ≥ 2 (not enough data) [10]
HNBC7 > 1383 nt (no acc. #) AC064816.1, AC018411.3, AL139426.2 1p32-31 10 Kidney, prostate, multiple sclerosis lesions, frontal cortex (ESTs); no tumor or fetal ESTs ≥ 3 (not enough data) This paper (partial sequence: Unigene Hs.211115)
  1. Tissues are adult unless denoted as fetal. SLC4A-designated genes and NBC4 have been experimentally documented. Except for SLC4A9, northern blot data are from published results referenced in the text for each gene under consideration. SLC4A10 was omitted because of the lack of a full-length public mRNA sequence. *Human ESTs matching (100%) experimentally documented exons and NBC-homologous predicted exons, as of 31 May 2000. Independent investigators often describe the same SLC4A gene. The reference listed for each gene reflects the first time that gene was published.