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Ribozymes as tools for the analysis of gene function

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Valuable information on the use of ribozymes as tools for the analysis of gene function can be found here.


Valuable information on the use of ribozymes as tools for the analysis of gene function can be found here. How ribozymes function to perturb gene expression is discussed in detail. A review article focuses on the use of ribozymes as specific inhibitors of viral and cellular gene expression, both in tissue culture cells and at the level of the whole organism. The review covers the role of cellular factors, such as RNA-binding proteins, as possible facilitators of ribozyme action within cells. A computational approach to identifying possible target sites for ribozyme action is also described.


It is relatively easy to navigate through the site as it consists of only three pages. There are, however, no 'back to...' links so the back button of the browser has to be used instead. The external links for the software program described do not work, and neither do some of the links to cited literature. None of the small images within the text displayed, but the links to the larger versions of the images all worked.

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The site was last updated 30 April 1997.

Best feature

This is the best comprehensive information on ribozymes available on-line, and is supported by explanatory graphics.

Worst feature

Apart from the lack of updates, there is no real site structure and many links are broken. Some of the graphics are too large to be printed without becoming truncated.

Wish list

The site needs a thorough update to repair the broken links, especially the external ones. It would also benefit from the addition of links to other important papers on the subject, and a general update to include recent developments.

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The determinants of ribozyme and antisense activity in the cell


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