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  1. BoxShade takes sequence alignments and creates an output file in which the alignment is displayed with identical or similar residues shaded in two different tones of gray.

    Authors: Mar Albà
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports2047
  2. The chemotropic factor semaphorin 3A has been shown to act in both the axonal and dendritic guidance of cortical pyramidal neurons.

    Authors: Joe Hao
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0063
  3. Early response genes encoding potential regulators of pathogen and wound-induced plant responses have been identified using gene expression profiling.

    Authors: Thomas Eulgem
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0062
  4. The existence of several distinct plant signaling pathways regulating changes in gene expression in response to wounding has been demonstrated using cDNA microarray analysis.

    Authors: Thomas Eulgem
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0061
  5. DNA libraries from uncultured soil-microbes have revealed insights into the functional and genomic diversity of soil bacteria.

    Authors: James Cotton
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0060
  6. The availability of the complete sequence of the vaccinia virus genome has enabled a comprehensive two-hybrid analysis in yeast of virus protein-protein interactions.

    Authors: Mar Albà
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0059
  7. A key enzyme involved in flavor biogenesis in ripening strawberries has been discovered using customized cDNA microarrays.

    Authors: Philippe Reymond
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0057
  8. Expression of paternal alleles for 20 loci expressed during early seed development in Arabidopsis was undetectable during early embryo and endosperm development, suggesting the presence of imprinting of the pater...

    Authors: Seung Yon Rhee
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0054
  9. MOLMOL is a molecular graphics program designed for display and analysis of biological macromolecules, particularly protein or DNA structures determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

    Authors: Jarrod A Smith
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports2046
  10. Since its inception in 1996, Pfam has aimed to be a comprehensive database of protein families defined by the presence of shared domains.

    Authors: Colin Semple
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports2044
  11. Specific DNA targets of chromatin-associated factors have been enzymatically marked in order to identify loci that are regulated at the level of chromatin organization in eukaryotes.

    Authors: Michaela Torkar
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0051
  12. Small RNAs involved in rRNA methylation and ribosome biogenesis have been found in Archaea.

    Authors: Rachel Brem
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0050
  13. Large quantities of biologically active human somatotropin have been successfully produced in plants, highlighting the promise of plant biotechnology for producing pharmaceuticals.

    Authors: Todd Richmond
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0049
  14. Systematic analysis of the chloroplast and its photosynthetic machinery has begun, using a combination of two-dimensional gels, mass spectroscopy, protein sequencing and genome databases.

    Authors: Todd Richmond
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0048
  15. A portion of the rice genome has been examined in order to evaluate the feasibility of using rice as a surrogate genome for map-based cloning of maize genes.

    Authors: Todd Richmond
    Citation: Genome Biology 2000 1:reports0047

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