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  1. The completion of the Arabidopsis thaliana (mustard weed) genome sequence constitutes a major breakthrough in plant biology. It will revolutionize how we answer questions about the biology and evolution of plants...

    Authors: Athanasios Theologis
    Citation: Genome Biology 2001 2:comment2004.1
  2. A unique arrangement of domains makes up the common region of two otherwise very different proteins - long, elegant dystrophin, and its rather dumpy distant cousin, dystrobrevin. The two work in concert, formi...

    Authors: Roland G Roberts
    Citation: Genome Biology 2001 2:reviews3006.1
  3. The modification of chromatin structure is important for a number of nuclear functions, exemplified by the regulation of transcription. This review discusses recent studies of covalent histone modifications an...

    Authors: Patrick A Grant
    Citation: Genome Biology 2001 2:reviews0003.1
  4. A report on the 'Integration of Signaling Pathways in Development' Keystone Symposium, Keystone, Colorado, USA, 27 January to 1 February 2001.

    Authors: David Chambers
    Citation: Genome Biology 2001 2:reports4010.1
  5. Over the past five years, interest in and use of DNA array technology has increased dramatically, and there has been a surge in demand for different types of arrays. Although manufacturers offer a number of pr...

    Authors: John C Rockett, J Christopher Luft, J Brian Garges, Stephen A Krawetz, Mark R Hughes, Kwan Hee Kirn, Asa J Oudes and David J Dix
    Citation: Genome Biology 2001 2:research0014.1
  6. We propose that a computerized, internet-based graphical description language for systems biology will be essential for describing, archiving and analyzing complex problems of biological function in health and...

    Authors: Daniel L Cook, Joel F Farley and Stephen J Tapscott
    Citation: Genome Biology 2001 2:research0012.1
  7. Sodium bicarbonate cotransporter (NBC) genes encode proteins that execute coupled Na+ and HCO3- transport across epithelial cell membranes. We report the discovery, characterization, and genomic context of a nove...

    Authors: Leonard Lipovich, Eric D Lynch, Ming K Lee and Mary-Claire King
    Citation: Genome Biology 2001 2:research0011.1
  8. Correlations between genome composition (in terms of GC content) and usage of particular codons and amino acids have been widely reported, but poorly explained. We show here that a simple model of processes ac...

    Authors: Robin D Knight, Stephen J Freeland and Laura F Landweber
    Citation: Genome Biology 2001 2:research0010.1

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