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Table 1 Assembly and annotation features of triploid Chinese white poplar genomes

From: PtoNF-YC9-SRMT-PtoRD26 module regulates the high saline tolerance of a triploid poplar

Genome features
 Number of contigs 17,616
 Total size of contigs 1,499,697,831 bp
 Longest contig 8,084,294 bp
 Mean contig size 85,132 bp
 N50 contig length 1,209,510 bp
 Contig GC content 36.85%
 Number of superscaffolds 57
 Total size of superscaffolds 1,064,994,437 bp
 N50 superscaffold length 19,669,985 bp
 Reads mapping ratio 99.35%
 Reads coverage ratio 93.36%
 Genome BUSCO (complete) 97.20%
Gene models
 Number of gene models 91,397
 Mean coding sequence length 1,371.51 bp
 Mean number of exon per gene 5.94
 Mean exon length 309.89 bp
 Mean intron length 385.55 bp
 Protein BUSCO (complete) 98.80%
Non-coding RNAs
 Number of tRNAs 26,773
 Number of rRNAs 23,652
 Number of snRNAs 1,372
 Number of miRNAs 2,336