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Table 2. Number of candidate fusion gene isoforms

From: Gene fusion as an important mechanism to generate new genes in the genus Oryza

Combinations O-O-T* O-O-S O-O-M U-O-T R-O-T O-G-T
Sativa v.g. japonica 157 159 159 24 7 172
Sativa v.g. indica 107 109 108 113 113 178
O. barthii 122 124 123 134 119 114
O. glaberrima 100 104 101 113 110 104
  1. *Letters in the first position indicate the annotation version for japonica, O represents OGE/IOMAP annotation (generate by the Oryza Genome Evolution and International Oryza Map Alignment Projects), U stands for MSU, R stands for RAP-DB. Letters in the second position indicate the annotation version for indica, O stands for OGE/IOMAP, G stands for GLEAN. Letters in third position indicate the different species, T for Arabidopsis thaliana (TAIR annotation), S for Sorghum bicolor, and Z for Zea mays.