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Table 1 Description of datasets

From: sPLINK: a hybrid federated tool as a robust alternative to meta-analysis in genome-wide association studies

Dataset # Samples # SNPs Adjustments Phenotype
SHIPa 3699 5M Sex, age, smoking status, daily alcohol consumption SLAb, dichotomous (75th percentile, 934 cases, 2765 controls)
     SLA, quantitative, Mean ±SDc 1.23 ±0.3
COPDGened 5343 600K Sex, age, smoking status, pack years of smoking COPDe, dichotomous, (2811 cases, 2532 controls)
     FEV1f, quantitative, Mean ±SD 2.993 ±0.635
FinnGen 135,615 1M Sex and age Hypertension, dichotomous, (34,257 cases, 101,358 controls)
  1. aStudy of Health in Pomerania
  2. bSerum lipase activity
  3. cStandard deviation
  4. dGenetic Epidemiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  5. eChronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  6. fForced expiratory volume in one second