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Table 1 Runtimes for different normalization pipelines

From: Analytic Pearson residuals for normalization of single-cell RNA-seq UMI data

  Sqrt(CPMedian), PCA Pearson residuals, PCA GLM-PCA
33k PBMC 31 s 35 s 15 h
33k PBMC, 1000 HVGs 3 s 4 s 4 h
2M organogenesis, 2000 HVGs 166 s 224 s 52 h
  1. The datasets are the full 33k PBMC dataset, the PBMC dataset after selecting 1, 000 HVGs, and the organogenesis dataset [39] after selecting 2, 000 HVGs. Genes with largest Pearson residual variances were selected, which took 9 s (PBMC) and 15 min (organogenesis), respectively. See “Methods” for details. All runtimes measured on a machine with 256 Gb RAM and 30 CPU threads at 2.1 GHz