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Table 2 Time, space, peak RAM, and peak RAM (aggregate) to construct variant index on the 1000 Genomes data with and without GRCh38 as an another sample. We constructed all 24 chromosomes (1–22 and X and Y) in parallel. The time and peak RAM reported is for the biggest chromosome (usually chromosome 1 or 2). The space reported is the total space on disk for all 24 chromosomes. The peak RAM (aggregate) is the aggregate peak RAM for all 24 processes

From: VariantStore: an index for large-scale genomic variant search

System Time Disk space Peak RAM Peak RAM Agg.
VariantStore 3 h 25 min 41 GB 8.8 GB 153 GB
VariantStore (with GRCh38) 3 h 57 min 41 GB 9.17 GB 179 GB