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Table 1 Definition of frequently used terms

From: The genetic architecture of temperature adaptation is shaped by population ancestry and not by selection regime

Term Definition
Contributing loci Loci, which are affecting the trait irrespective of whether they are responding to selection or not (hence we use contributing loci only in the context of genetic architecture, but not adaptive architecture)
Selection targets A generic term for loci or SNPs, which are responding to selection (i.e. a subset of the contributing loci)
Genomic region Describes a physical area of the genome, but does not consider possible associations between alleles located there
(Selected) haplotype block Genomic region with SNPs in linkage disequilibrium that undergo correlated allele frequency changes during the experiment; it is the smallest unit under selection that can be experimentally resolved-it may contain one or multiple selected SNPs. Haplotype blocks are identified and characterized by SNPs with a correlated allele frequency change after multiple generations of experimental evolution [6].