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Table 1 Sources of data used in this study

From: Evolution of mouse circadian enhancers from transposable elements

Data SRA Citation
CLOCK, BMAL1, CRY1, CRY2, PER1, PER2 ChIP-seq SRP014752 [67]
DNase-seq, H3K27Ac ChIP-seq, Pol II ChIP-seq SRP045509 [68]
GRO-seq, RORα ChIP-seq SRP044381 [69]
RXR, LXR, PPARα ChIP-seq SRP010657 [70]
REV-ERBα, REV-ERBβ ChIP-seq SRP009472 [71]
High confidence CLOCK:BMAL1 binding sites N/A [63]
Tissue-specific BMAL1 binding sites SRP132869 [72]
Hepa 1-6 RNA-seq SRP059935 [73]