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Table 1 COG-UK minimal mandatory metadata specification

From: CLIMB-COVID: continuous integration supporting decentralised sequencing for SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance

Data item Field name Description Base access level (public, consortium or restricted) Mandatory
Central sample ID central_sample_id A unique identifier to refer to the sample within the consortium Public Yes
Date of sample (collected) collection_date The date the sample was collected Public Yes (otherwise received_date)
Date of sample (received) received_date The earliest date that this sample was known to be checked in to a diagnostic or sequencing laboratory Public No (unless collection_date is not provided)
Country code adm1 The country in which the sample was collected Public Yes
County adm2 The county within the UK in which the sample was collected Consortium Strongly recommended
Sampling strategy is_surveillance Whether this sample was collected as part of a random surveillance strategy, or a targeted outbreak analysis Consortium Yes