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Table 1 List of the phenotypes, their abbreviations, age of measurement, number of genotypes used in GWAS, and measurement unit

From: Leveraging breeding programs and genomic data in Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst) for GWAS analysis

Traits (abbreviation) Age No. genotypes Unit
Budburst stage (BB) 7–25 4138 Category
Tree height (height) 6–16 3838 cm
Diameter at breast height (DBH) 10–28 2674 mm
Frost damage (FD) 6–7 1428 Category
Wood density (WD) 23–31 4127 kg m-3
Microfibril angle (MFA) 23–31 4112 (km/S)
Wood stiffness (WS) 23–31 4121 (Gpa)