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Table 1 Proteome of enhancers

From: Mechanisms of enhancer action: the known and the unknown

Protein categories Select examples Select references
TFs Sequence-specific TFs that bind enhancers directly and other TFs recruited via protein-protein interactions—classified into distinct structural and functional groups [68, 82, 83, 89, 90]
General Transcription Factors (GTFs) [91,92,93]
Architectural proteins Chromatin enriched with histone H3K4me1, H3K27ac; H3.3, H2Az [94]
Cohesin, Condensin, CTCF [82, 95,96,97]
Coregulators Mediator complex [95, 98]
Chromatin remodeling complexes and chromatin-modifying enzymes (“writers” and “erasers” of post-translational modifications) [99]
Integrator complex [100]
Steroid receptor coactivators and other coregulators of TFs [81, 83, 84]
Effector proteins Proteins that “read” histone post-translational modifications [94, 101]
Catalytic enzymes RNAPII and associated enzymes [93]
Other enzymes (RNA exosome complex; PARP-1; Topoisomerase-1; TET2, etc.) [102,103,104,105]