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Table 1 List and description of 10 cancer cell lines and a normal reference cell line with % estimated copy number alterations (CNA) and an intra-tumor heterogeneity (ITH) value to indicate potential polyclonality of the cell line

From: A verified genomic reference sample for assessing performance of cancer panels detecting small variants of low allele frequency

Cell line Name Description Comments CNA % (est.)a ITH (Shannon’s index)
B Male reference Normal   ~ 0 0
BLY B lymphocyte Myeloma Mixed with TLY within studyb ~ 25% 43.2
BRA Brain Glioblastoma Polyclonal 90% 21.0
BRE Breast Adenocarcinoma Polyclonal 60% 100.0
CRV Cervix Adenocarcinoma Polyclonal 70% 10.9
LIP Soft tissue Liposarcoma   90% 3.5
LIV Liver Hepatoblastoma   27% 2.5
MAC Macrophage Lymphoma Polyclonal 80% 11.8
SKN Skin Melanoma   24% 0
TES Testes Carcinoma   72% 4.8
TLY T lymphoblast Leukemia Inherently tetraploidc with variations 22% 1.1
  1. a CNA were estimated using Agilent GenetiSure Cancer Research CGH + SNP Microarray (2 × 400K), G5975A and WES
  2. b Information of the mixture of the original BLY with TLY is provided in Supplementary Information
  3. c Establishment of the tetraploid nature of the TLY is provided in Supplementary Information