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Table 2 Used datasets

From: ReSeq simulates realistic Illumina high-throughput sequencing data

Identifier Sequencer Adapter Species Reference Accession ID
      Sample ID
Ec-Hi2000-TruSeq HiSeq 2000 TruSeq Escherichia coli ASM584v2 SRR490124
Ec-Hi2500-TruSeq HiSeq 2500 TruSeq Escherichia coli ASM584v2 SRR3191692
Ec-Hi4000-Nextera HiSeq 4000 Nextera Escherichia coli ASM584v2 Ecoli1_L001
Bc-Hi4000-Nextera HiSeq 4000 Nextera Bacillus cereus ASM782v1 Bcereus1_L001
Rs-Hi4000-Nextera HiSeq 4000 Nextera Rhodobacter sphaeroides ASM1290v2 Rsphaeroides1_L001
At-HiX-TruSeq HiSeq X Ten TruSeq (unknown barcode) Arabidopsis thaliana TAIR9.171 ERR2017816
Mm-HiX-Unknown HiSeq X Ten Unknown Mus musculus GRCm38.p6 ERR3085830
Hs-HiX-TruSeq HiSeq X Ten TruSeq Homo sapiens GRCh38.p13 ERR1955542
Hs-Nova-TruSeq NovaSeq 6000 TruSeq Homo sapiens GRCh38.p13 PRJEB33197
Ec-Mi-TruSeq MiSeq TruSeq Escherichia coli ASM584v2 DRR058060
At-BGI BGISEQ-500 BGISEQ Arabidopsis thaliana TAIR9.171 PRJNA562949
  1. Adapters labeled as unknown are not listed in the Illumina and BGI adapter overview [33, 34]