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Table 1 List of regeneration enhancers tested

From: Regenerating zebrafish fin epigenome is characterized by stable lineage-specific DNA methylation and dynamic chromatin accessibility

Element name DAR in sp7+ cells DAR in sp7− cells EGFP expression
bmp2a+43k Yes Yes
chst3b+5k Yes Yes +
cygb1−13k Yes Yes +
dnajc17−138k Yes Yes +
lef1−2k Yes Yes
pdgfab−8k Yes Yes +
prdm1c+6k Yes Yes +
runx1−102k Yes Yes
cdc42ep3+2k Yes No +
col11a1a−6k Yes No +
col11a2−7k Yes No +
fam102aa+11k Yes No +
fbln1+17k Yes No +
mef2aa+2k Yes No +
mitd1−6k Yes No
prdm5+120k Yes No +
rmb7−120k Yes No
swap70b+3k Yes No +
fhod3b+138k No Yes +
frmd4a+87k No Yes +
grip2a−23k No Yes +
igflr1−2k No Yes
mtnr1aa+31k No Yes +
ptk2aa+9k No Yes +
rasl11a−13k No Yes
atp5g3a−14k No No
lmbr1+11k (ZRS) No No
lnpa+56k No No
six3b−102k No No
six3b−104k No No
six3b−36k No No
six3b−39k No No
wnt3−11k No No
zgc:173726−2kb No No