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Table 2 Genes with GReX found in association with breast cancer-specific survival

From: A framework for transcriptome-wide association studies in breast cancer in diverse study populations

GeneClosest survival-associated SNPaDistance to closest survival-associated SNPaHazard ratio, adjusting for adjacent GWAS-SNP (90% CI)bP value, adjusting for adjacent risk SNPsb
AURKArs20210087387.1 kb0.84 (0.74, 0.94)0.027
CAPN13rs72068647266.9 kb1.18 (1.04, 1.33)0.046
PIK3CArs66487567271.9 kb0.88 (0.78, 1.00)0.096
SERPINB5rs37630230589.4 kb0.84 (0.75, 0.94)0.028
  1. aTop survival-associated SNP in cis-region of the given gene from GWAS for survival and distance of top cis-SNP from gene
  2. bFDR-adjusted hazard ratio, 90% confidence interval, and P value for association of GReX and breast cancer-specific survival, adjusting for adjacent survival-associated SNPs