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Table 1 12 yeast strains from two related clades were used in our analysis. Five strains were selected to be included in the five strains set and all strains were included in the all strains set. Graphs were constructed from strains in the respective strain set while all 11 non-reference strains were used for genotyping

From: Genotyping structural variants in pangenome graphs using the vg toolkit

StrainCladeIncluded in five strains setIncluded in all strains set
S288CS. cerevisiae
SK1S. cerevisiae
YPS128S. cerevisiae
UWOPS034614S. cerevisiae 
Y12S. cerevisiae 
DBVPG6765S. cerevisiae 
DBVPG6044S. cerevisiae 
CBS432S. paradoxus
UFRJ50816S. paradoxus
N44S. paradoxus 
UWOPS919171S. paradoxus 
YPS138S. paradoxus