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Table 2 Summary of the circum-basmati rice genome assemblies

From: Nanopore sequencing-based genome assembly and evolutionary genomics of circum-basmati rice

 Basmati 334Dom Sufid
Genome coverage62.5×51.4×
Number of contigs188116
Total number of bases in contigs386,555,741383,636,250
Total number of bases scaffolded386,050,525383,245,802
Contig N50 length6.32 Mb10.53 Mb
Contig L502013
Total contigs > 50 kbp159104
Maximum contig length17.04 Mb26.82 Mb
BUSCO gene completion (assembly)97.6%97.0%
GC content43.6%43.7%
Repeat content44.4%44.2%
Number of annotated genes41,27038,329
BUSCO gene completion (annotation)95.4%93.6%