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Fig. 3

From: Lisa: inferring transcriptional regulators through integrative modeling of public chromatin accessibility and ChIP-seq data

Fig. 3

Lisa predicts key transcriptional regulators and assigns significance to each Cistrome DB cistrome. The large heatmap shows the hierarchical clustering of 8471 human Cistrome DB ChIP-seq cistromes based on peak-RP, with color representing Pearson correlation coefficients between peak-RPs. The three bars to the left of the heatmap display Lisa significance scores for differentially expressed genes sets derived from GR activation in the A549 cell line (upregulated), GATA6 knockdown in gastric cancer (downregulated), and AR activation in the LNCaP cell line (upregulated). Small heatmaps show details of the global heatmap relevant to (a) AR activation, (b) GATA6 knockdown, and (c) GR activation gene sets. In each case, the most significant cistromes are derived from the same cell type or lineage

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