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Table 3 Assemblies used for graph construction

From: The design and construction of reference pangenome graphs with minigraph

Name Species Population Accession/source
CHM1 Human N/A GCA_001297185.1
CHM13 Human N/A GCA_000983455.1
NA12878 Human European [44], phased
NA24385 Human Jewish [44], phased
PGP1 Human N/A [44], phased
NA19240 Human African GCA_001524155.4
HG00514 Human East Asian GCA_002180035.3
HG01352 Human American GCA_002209525.2
NA19434 Human African GCA_002872155.1
HG02818 Human African GCA_003574075.1
HG03486 Human African GCA_003086635.1
HG03807 Human South Asian GCA_003601015.1
HG00733 Human American GCA_002208065.1
HG02059 Human East Asian GCA_003070785.1
HG00268 Human European GCA_008065235.1
HG04217 Human South Asian GCA_007821485.1
AK1 Human East Asian GCA_001750385.1
Clint Chimpanzee   GCA_002880755.3
Susie Gorilla   GCA_900006655.3
Kamilah Gorilla   GCA_008122165.1
Susie Orangutan   GCA_002880775.3