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Table 4 Tools and version information used in our benchmark setup

From: A systematic comparison of chloroplast genome assembly tools

Tool Source Repository Commit used for benchmarking
GetOrganelle 587c1c51c34e270eb9178a42a77a5150157e6925
IOGA c460ea9d9fe176fec2bd76d369b0cbb36793b2bf
NOVOPlasty 6af0894f8ea1d76a1b71df9cb762cf6e48dceac1
chloroExtractor 87364e48ec84a3f6ee91fc8d995b0bda5a0fa82d
Chloroplast assembly protocol 250d16ac02005d6a5939bf182b3d2995d0e88229
Fast-Plast 7e32b2e797fd1f49d32d6559e8345afefbaff803
ORG.Asm 830313acae3ca773b63f6bea9fc6d017e021bde5
  1. All tools are wrapped into docker containers and stored on dockerhub [55]. The corresponding tags and SHA256 checksums are reported in Additional file 1: Table S3