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Table 1 Peculiarities of scDNAseq technologies

From: Methods for copy number aberration detection from single-cell DNA-sequencing data

Method Uniformity Coverage Throughput Suitability for CNA
MDA [3638] Low High Low N
DOP-PCR [1719] High Low High Y
MALBAC [39] High High Low Y
C-PCR-L [44] High Low High Y
SCI-seq (xSDS) [48] Medium Low High Y1
DLP [40] High Low High Y
LIANTI [49] High High Low2 Y
TnBC [21] High Low High Y
Flow cytometry [50, 51] High Low High Y
10x [43] High Low High Y
DLP+ [52] High Low High Y
  1. Eleven scDNAseq technologies are listed. Uniformity, coverage, throughput, and suitability for CNA refer to the uniformity of sequencing coverage, the sequencing coverage over the whole genome, the number of cells that can be sequenced at one time, and whether the technology is suitable for CNA calling
  2. 1With cell filtering
  3. 2High-throughput sequencing can be achieved by adding combinatorial cellular barcodes