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Table 1 Comprehensive features of MAESTRO compared to other single-cell tools

From: Integrative analyses of single-cell transcriptome and regulome using MAESTRO

Methods Multiple technologies (e.g., scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq) Multiple platforms (e.g., 10X Genomics, sci-ATAC-seq) Alignment Bulk level QC Single-cell QC Expression index and peak calling Normalization Clustering Differential analysis Cell-type annotation Regulator annotation Integrated analysis between multiple technologies
SC3 [19]            
SNN-cliq [20]            
MAST [22]             
scde [21]             
Monocle [27]           
Pagoda [34]           
Scanpy [29]           
Seurat [28]        
scABC [23]            
CisTopic [24]            
chromVAR [25]            
Cicero [26]           
Cellranger [16]      
Dr.seq2 [18]      
snapATAC [17]