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Table 2 Time and memory usage of spacegraphcats for Algorithms 1–3 on representative metagenome data

From: Exploring neighborhoods in large metagenome assembly graphs using spacegraphcats reveals hidden sequence diversity

Data set Algorithm Time (s) Memory (MB)
podarV rdomset 78.1 4304
  indexPieces 359.9 14,108
  search 14.9 3463
HuSB1 rdomset 1181.1 60,238
  indexPieces 859.3 40,713
  search 67.9 15,228
  1. The times for Algorithm 3 are averaged over all queries (see Table 1). Statistics reported for Algorithm 2 exclude lines 1–2 of pseudocode. Times are rounded to the nearest tenth of a second; memory is rounded to the nearest megabyte