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Table 1 Number of cDBG nodes |V|, edge density of cDBG |E|/|V|, size of 1-dominating set |D|, average query size (k-mers) \(\overline {|Q|}\), and average number of pieces in query neighborhood \(\overline {|\mathcal {P} \cap \mathcal {N}_{Q}|}\)

From: Exploring neighborhoods in large metagenome assembly graphs using spacegraphcats reveals hidden sequence diversity

Data set |V| |E|/ |V| |D| \(\overline {|Q|}\) \(\overline {|\mathcal {P} \cap \mathcal {N}_{Q}|}\)
podarV 916,041 2.2 542,350 1,475,892 4106
HuSB1 13,852,950 2.6 6,724,505 1,112,516 106,091
  1. Queries are the 51 genomes and 23 genome bins fully present in podarV and HuSB1, respectively