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Table 3 The proportion of variant sites in the Ashkenazi reference genome that agree with major alleles from the gnomAD large-scale survey of the Ashkenazi population. Column headers show the frequency ranges of the Ashkenazi alternative alleles (ALT) from the gnomAD database. Row 3 shows the proportion of positions in Ash1 that agree with the gnomAD major allele where gnomAD differs from GRCh38

From: Assembly and annotation of an Ashkenazi human reference genome

Frequency (f) in Ashkenazi population[0.25, 0.5](0.5, 0.6](0.6, 0.7](0.7, 0.8](0.8, 0.9](0.9, 1.0]Total
Total no. of sites at Ashkenazi ALT allele frequency (f)1,706,379442,352369,541300,969252,859424,9673,497,067
Proportion of Ash1 sites that match gnomAD Ashkenazi allele0.3170.7590.8460.9100.9550.9820.607