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Table 1 Summary of comparison between REPIC and published databases

From: REPIC: a database for exploring the N6-methyladenosine methylome

ItemREPICRMBase v2.0*MeT-DB v2.0CVm6A
Data set49392623
Peak set339NA18569
De novo data processing**
Pipeline supportedNANANA
Peak calling toolsexomePeak MeTPeak MACS2exomePeak**exomePeakMeTPeak
Cell/tissue-based queryNANA
Genome browser
Intergenic m6A queryNANANA
RNA modification typem6A5+***m6Am6A
Epigenomic data1536NANANA
  1. NA not available
  2. *Statistics from five modification types (m1A, m5C, m6A, Nm, and Ψ)
  3. **Only m6A/MeRIP-seq and m1A-seq data were considered
  4. ***More than five RNA modification types