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Table 1 Performance report for MA0028.2, gene ELK1, and family 3.5.2 Ets related

From: Insights gained from a comprehensive all-against-all transcription factor binding motif benchmarking study

  1. The numbers indicate the highest performance value achieved by the JASPAR MA0028.2 matrix for any experiment targeted at the corresponding TF (identified by gene symbol). Only genes with AUC ROC > 0.75 or Pearson correlation coefficient > 0.35 are listed. For HT-SELEX experiments, the numbers in parenthesis represent ROC AUC values obtained with a top-score cut-off of 50% instead of 10% (see the “Methods” section)
  2. Meaning of symbols: !, MA0028.2 is overall best performing matrix for this DNA binding TF; =, designated target of MA0028.2; +, from the same TFclass family (3.5.2 Ets-related factors); *, from another TFclass family; −, missing in TFclass (often a chromatin protein without DNA binding domain)