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Table 2 Area under the precision-recall curve (PR-AUC) for all algorithms applied to TKO datasets, using the combined non-human- and Chr10Rand-negative control guide RNAs

From: A benchmark of algorithms for the analysis of pooled CRISPR screens

 HCT116_1HCT116_2DLD1HeLaRPE1GBMAverage rank
MAGeCK RRA0.4490.5050.5080.4240.4500.4612
MAGeCK MLE0.4040.4760.3720.3950.4020.3463.7
t test0.4310.5350.570.3830.4740.5282.2
  1. Each column corresponds to a specific cancer type. The average rank is calculated by taking the rank (1 to 5) for each screen and taking the arithmetic mean. The highest PR-AUC for each dataset is highlighted in bold