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Fig. 2

From: Decode-seq: a practical approach to improve differential gene expression analysis

Fig. 2

Differential gene expression analysis of sex determination of medaka. a Expression profiling of 30 pairs of medaka male/female fry with Decode-seq. Top 300 genes were color coded. Blue dots, genes expressed higher in male; red dots, genes expressed higher in female; black circled dots, known genes with dimorphic expression. b qPCR validation of identified DEGs, including 4 known markers and 25 novel DEGs. Error bar: SE. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. c Sample size downsampling shows much fewer DEGs would be identified with fewer replicates. d Hybridization chain reaction validation of cd74a. Green signal: vasa, expressed in germ cells; red signal: sox9b, expressed in somatic cells; blue signal: cd74a, expressed in germ cells. Scale bar: 10 μ m. eh Functional validation of ENSORLG00000007290 using genetic knockout. Medaka fry at stage 39 (hatching) was used. Arrows indicate the GFP-labeled germ cells. Scale bar, 100 μ m. e Wild-type female fry, a cluster of germ cells with strong GFP signal are visible. f Mutant female fry, germ cells are barely visible. g Wild-type male fry, a cluster of germ cells are visible. h Mutant male fry, germ cells are largely depleted

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