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Fig. 1

From: DENDRO: genetic heterogeneity profiling and subclone detection by single-cell RNA sequencing

Fig. 1

DENDRO analysis pipeline and genetic divergence evaluation. a DENDRO analysis pipeline overview. b, c Statistical model for genetic divergence evaluation function. b (top) Cell-level snapshots of the variant allele frequency (VAF) profiles for two genes with underlying differences in expression dynamics are shown. Gene g is a bursty gene and g′ is a constitutive gene. (bottom) The stochasticity of gene expression is captured by the VAF distribution across all cells. c Although the observed read counts from two potential cells (c1 and c2) in the population are identical between the two loci, the genetic divergence computed from gene g is less than that computed from gene g′ due to differences in transcriptional burstiness. DENDRO accounts for the full distribution of frequency profiles across cells when estimating the genetic divergence relationship between the two loci of these two cells

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