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Table 2 Summary statistics and metadata fields for the full dataset, partitioned for analyses by internal or external microbiomes of terrestrial and freshwater host organisms

From: Host-associated microbiomes are predicted by immune system complexity and climate

Metadata fieldDescriptionFull datasetInternalExternalMarine_external
Samplessample runs included in this study15,7907411193266
sOTUexact sequence variants (sub-operational taxonomic units)175,70917,544a28,410a5.077a
Publications (by doi)digital object identifier accession number of published studies5123136
Host Kingdom or http://www.eol.org2222
Host Phyllum or http://www.eol.org8324
Host Class or http://www.eol.org16758
Host Order or http://www.eol.org80262327
Host Family or http://www.eol.org177655245
Host Genus or http://www.eol.org42717110658
Host species namefull scientific name of host organism65420423978
Host taxidtaxa id number for the host species from NCBI Taxonomy Browser64019723678
Collection timestampdate of sampling in DD/MM/YYYY format1069143173108
Countriescountry from which samples were collected46261820
Latitude range (deg)latitude in decimal degrees-43.53 to 60.17-37.94 to 60.17-39.84 to 52.28-43.14 to 51.73
Longitude range (deg)longitude in decimal degrees-157.79 to 174.83-121.79 to 152.31-122.83 to 138.94-157.79 to 174.83
Elevation range (m)GPS coordinates used to estimate elevation if not stated in study-490 to 3955-3 to 395517 to 3837-490 to 25
microbial_habitat_typeinternal, external, and whole organism3internal and whole organismexternalexternal
internal_habitat_typedigestive-associated, oral, nasal, lung, reproductive, leaf internal, root internal, and n/a81n/an/a
digestive_habitat_typeforegut, fecal, cloacal, intestine, stomach, other and n/a75n/an/a
external_habitat_typeleaf surface, root surface, animal surface, gill, and n/a5n/a43
surrounding_habitatfreshwater, marine, terrestrial3freshwater,terrestrialfreshwater,terrestrialmarine
lifestageadult, juvenile/pupae, larvae, and infant4432
sampling_monthmonth when the samples were collected12121212
trophic_dietscaled 0=primary producers, 1=herbivore, 2=omnivore, 3=carnivore, 4=detritivore/scavenger55n/an/a
preservation_methodsample storage by direct freeze, ethanol, RNA-later, or other4432
extraction_methodname of DNA extraction kit15562
Worldclim2 bioclimatic variables; Fick et al 2017n/a88n/a
Marine geophysical variables; Sbrocco et al 2013n/an/an/a11
Immune Complexity (binary)inferred from host class informationn/a22n/a
Immune Complexity (ordinal)scale based on Flajnik et al 2018;n/a1-91-9n/a
  1. asOTUs after rarefaction at 1000 reads per sample