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Table 1 TE content in the rice (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica cv. “Nipponbare” v. MSU7) genome

From: Benchmarking transposable element annotation methods for creation of a streamlined, comprehensive pipeline

 ClassStd6.9.5*Complete** (%)Fragmented** (%)Total** (%)
LTRClass I88.1 Mb14.449.1123.54
Non-LTRClass I7.6 Mb0.511.522.03
TIRClass II65.5 Mb7.939.5617.49
HelitronClass II13.4 Mb1.102.473.57
Total174.6 Mb23.9822.6646.64
  1. *Annotation based on the curated library (v6.9.5)
  2. **Percent of genome estimated based on a genome size of 374.3 Mb