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Fig. 4

From: CHROMATIX: computing the functional landscape of many-body chromatin interactions in transcriptionally active loci from deconvolved single cells

Fig. 4

Reconstructed ensemble of 25,000 single-cell chromatin structures of the locus chr X: 19,560,000 - 20,170,000 at 5-KB resolution. a Heatmap of mean pairwise Euclidean distance in Å. Corresponding Hi-C heatmaps (experimental and simulated) can be seen in Fig. 2d. b Boundary strength of mean pairwise distances computed following [52] at each 5-KB bin. c Single-cell pairwise distance heatmaps for two representative cells. d Heatmap of single-cell boundary strengths, each row is the boundary strength curve of an individual cell among the 25,000 cell ensemble

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