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Fig. 3

From: CHROMATIX: computing the functional landscape of many-body chromatin interactions in transcriptionally active loci from deconvolved single cells

Fig. 3

Comparison with Dip-C single-cell data (GSE117874) [15]. ac Plots of pairwise contacts between representative Dip-C cells (upper triangle, black dots) and the corresponding CHROMATIX cells (lower triangle, gray dots) of maximal overlap coefficient. Contacts present in both models are outlined in red. d Scatter plot of maximal overlap coefficient (Y-axis) versus number of contacts present within each Dip-C model (X-axis) of single-cell chromatin at different loci (n=976). The horizontal boxplot shows the distribution of Dip-C contacts per cell (median 50). The vertical boxplot shows the distribution of maximal overlap coefficients between the Dip-C and CHROMATIX ensembles (median 65%). The inner and outer ellipses contain 5% and 95% of the single cells, respectively. More details can be found in Additional file 1: Supplementary Information

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