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Fig. 2

From: CHROMATIX: computing the functional landscape of many-body chromatin interactions in transcriptionally active loci from deconvolved single cells

Fig. 2

CHROMATIX Hi-C reconstruction. Four representative genomic regions (ad), with the measured Hi-C [9] on the upper triangle and the simulated Hi-C from aggregation of 3-D polymer folds on the lower triangle. The Pearson correlations between simulated and measured Hi-C for all 39 modeled genomic loci have approximate mean of 0.96±0.003 SEM, after removal of the first 2 diagonals. DNase data are from ENCODE [53, 54] (ENCSR000EMT) with corresponding signal, gene, and chromosome diagrams from UCSC genome browser [76, 77]. All heatmaps are in units of 5 KB

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