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Table 2 Prediction of dendritic cells from Breton et al. test data. The first column corresponds to the sample origin of the dendritic cells analyzed by Breton et al. The second column shows the class label assigned by scPred. The accuracy is reported by sample origin. Importantly, only 10 dendritic cells out of 461 were classified as monocytes. This demonstrates the high accuracy achieved by scPred to distinguish dendritic cells from monocytes from peripheral blood. For umbilical cord derived-cells, only 14 out of 420 cells were classified as monocytes and 60 were unassigned as their probability to belong to any of the classes from the training set was low. As discussed in the main text, we argue that these cells correspond to other cell subtypes

From: scPred: accurate supervised method for cell-type classification from single-cell RNA-seq data