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Table 4 SV features and their contributions in the random forest classifier for CHM13

From: Evaluating nanopore sequencing data processing pipelines for structural variation identification

FeatureDescriptionSV callerContribution
SnifflesNanoSVPickyDeletion (%)Insertion (%)
SVLENLength of the SVYesYesYes5255
DEPTHPVALP value of the significance test of the depth of coverage at possible breakpoint junctionsNoYesNo2015
RERead supportYesNoYes714
MAPQMedian mapping quality of read pairsYesYesNo108
CIENDConfidence interval around the END positionNoYesYes33
CIPOSConfidence interval around the POS positionNoYesYes22
PRECISEPrecise structural variantYesYesYes51
  1. “Yes/No” under SV callers indicates whether a feature is provided by an SV caller