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Fig. 5

From: NanoSatellite: accurate characterization of expanded tandem repeat length and sequence through whole genome long-read sequencing on PromethION

Fig. 5

Application of NanoSatellite to other tandem repeats. Comparison of NanoSatellite and Albacore + tandem-genotypes is shown (panels) for two TRs other than the ABCA7 VNTR, with hg19 genomic coordinates and TR unit motif denoted below. The estimated number of TR units is depicted on the y-axis per sequencing read (dots) originating from positive (red) or negative strands (blue). In both examples, NanoSatellite provides a “preferred” outcome as a more concise length call can be made for the largest allele in particular (i.e., read lengths cluster more closely, and more information from both DNA strands is present)

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